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Family Fun Time Eating on Vacation

Sunny Anderson and I talking Extended Stay America at NYCWFF 14

I received accommodations at no charge in order to try the kitchens and test recipes at Extended Stay America to form my own opinions of the property and amenities. All thoughts expressed are my own. We take family vacations to unwind, have fun and build special memories, but doing so can get rather costly. One […]

The 5 Best Tourist Spots for Families


Are you seeking great spots to visit with your loved ones? Are you having a hard time searching them on the Internet? If so, you have come to the right page. In this article, you will learn the 5 best tourist spots for families the easy way. Let’s get started.  Portland, Oregon, US – The […]

Simple Travel Ready Recipes and Tips from Taste of Home

Summer Road Trip! Travel Ready Recipes and Tips.

When taking a road trip, shopping for snacks and meals gets to be costly.  Stopping at mini-marts and restaurants really start to add up, especially with a family.  Why not try following some simple tip from the experts at Taste of Home— America’s largest cooking magazine for travel-ready recipes that are easy to make, easy to pack and […]

Summer Family Vacation on a Budget

How to Have Summer Family Vacation on a Budget

You are not alone in wondering how you can take a family vacation this summer without breaking the budget.   A large number of  families want to take a vacation on a budget, but because of the large cost, most are not able to do so.  What you may not realize, it is entirely possible to […]

Get Up Close and Personal with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Florida

Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove!

Family vacations mean time for bonding and making memories. It’s  also a time when dreams come true. Visiting Discovery Cove, Florida delivers all this and more. Located beside SeaWorld in Orlando, you get to experience something truly amazing that you won’t find in many other places. Swimming with dolphins! At Discovery Coves,  visitors are placed into small groups, each with […]

Find Adventure in the Bahamas!

Snorkeling Adventure in Bahamas!

Getting away from your daily activities that have become mundane, is the best way to relax.   How about treating  yourself to a taste of adventure you always dreamed about in the sun. Would you chose to spend your vacation where there are plenty of adventurous activities? Places like the Bahamas, where there are plenty […]